1. Is a Mortgage Valuation a Survey?

No. The mortgage valuation, often referred to as a survey, is a brief inspection of the property undertaken purely for the benefit of the mortgage lender and not the homebuyer. You are unlikely to see a copy of this report.

2. What will I get?

The Survey will highlight problems that may need urgent attention – thus avoiding expensive surprises or else providing welcome peace of mind, it will also highlight issues that may affect the property value. This enables you to obtain quotes for remedial work, ask the seller to fix the issues or even negotiate a better price.

3. What advice do I get?

You will receive advice on repairs and on-going maintenance that may be required and the reinstatement cost for insurance purposes.

4. Why do you need a survey?

It is important that when you are investing a significant amount of money on a property that you commission a detailed survey in order to establish any potential defects and problems that could affect its value and future saleability.

5. Who undertakes my Survey?

All of our surveys are undertaken by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) qualified Chartered Surveyors.

6. How long does it take to get my report?

We aim to attend the property within 5 to 7 working days from instruction date subject to access and we aim to deliver your report within 5 working days following the appointment.

7. Where is my surveyor coming from?

Usually the surveyor will be travelling from within a 20 miles radius of the subject property. For properties in remote locations the surveyor may travel further.

8. Can I leave a key with a neighbour or the agent?

Yes, this is very common, please make this arrangement directly with the surveyor firm.

9. After the inspection can I speak to the Surveyor about their findings?

Of course, our surveyors would be more than happy to discuss their findings following the inspection.

10. If I decide not to buy the property but want another survey can you offer me a discount?

We would recommend that you contact us on 01844 873300 and we can discuss potential discounts.